JSP tag library for easy inclusion of reports in web applications


JasperReports (JR), and its accompanying design tool iReport, are conveniant and powerful open source tools for creating business reports. One typical use case is for analysts to create reports for distribution on the intra- or internet. End users will either read reports directly on web pages, or download them for print or further processing. JasperTags (JT) is a tool for web developers to simplify the integration of JR reports in java web applications, without the need to deploy a complete BI solution like JasperServer or Pentaho.

Using JT, web developers can run parameterized JasperReports from a report repository using just three commands (tags), whereas you normally would need to write a long script to do the same. JT is configured with the most common options for different formats, e.g. it removes page breaks and spaces between pages for html and Excel, but retain them for Word and PDF.

JT was initially developed as an internal tool at the Norwegian Social Science Data Service (NSD) in 2003, and has been used at their production site ever since. The source code was made publically avaliable through the JasperTags project in May 2007.

Getting started

  1. Download the latest release (0.9)
  2. Read this "howto" on how to get started using JasperTags

JasperReports is a trademark for JasperSoft Corporation.

Java is a trademark for Sun Microsystems, Inc.